Rehearsals & Opening Night

With the opening of the show just weeks away, Christina Lingo-Tabuchi is preparing. Rehearsals begin with a flurry of excitement as everyone in the show readies for opening night April 22 at 7:30 P.M. Rehearsing for a new show means things are changing. Christina said those changes include: new costumes, different lighting effects and new […]

Albums & Songs

When it comes to singing, Christina said her voice naturally leans towards country; however, she also loves to sing Pop Rock, 50s and many other genres. When it comes to her music, Christina sings original songs out of Nashville, and one song, “Breaking It Down,” will be featured in this year’s show. Although she has […]

Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach

Christina Lingo-Tabuchi and her dad performed at the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach March 1 to a nearly sold out audience. Because this location has been on the tour agenda for years, Christina said it was nice to play for such a big crowd. With 17 people in the group, there (are) a lot of […]

Florida Strawberry Festival

For Christina Lingo-Tabuchi and her group, visiting Florida for the Strawberry Festival was a wonderful experience. This was the first time the group performed at the Plant City location February 27 and, as Christina said, “It was great!” There was a great energy (and) great crowd,” Christina said, and the festival’s staff was a big […]

The Most Wonderful Time Of Year Parade

Clay Cooper and Christina Lingo-Tabuchi co-hosted “The Most Wonderful Time Of Year Parade”, a tribute to “Mr. Christmas” the late Andy Williams on Saturday, November 2, 2013.  The show will air Thanksgiving weekend and throughout the holidays on Springfield, Missouri’s CBS affiliate KOLR 10 and Ozarks Local KOZL. The program features Branson entertainers and attractions and […]

Christina Takes More Active Role

Christina Lingo-Tabuchi and her father, Shoji Tabuchi, have been entertaining visitors to Ozark Mountain Country for more than 20 years as co-stars of their own show. Throughout that time, Shoji has watched his daughter slowly but surely move to a leadership role in the family business. “I like the fact she is taking over,” Shoji […]

The Shoji Roadshow Backstage Moments

The Shoji Tabuchi Road Show was a huge success this summer! Check out all the great moments captured backstage and on the road at Instagram.Com/TheMissLingo!

A Great Start To The Fall Season

The Shoji Tabuchi Show went on tour this August traveling to Florida, South Carolina, and Illinois, performing in each state. Christina was with the tour and enjoyed every minute of the opportunity to bring of The Shoji Tabuchi show to new audiences. Not only did they spread the experience, they got to bring the show […]

Interview on KWCL-FM Oak Grove, LA

“Oh, this is my absolute passion! There’s nothing else that I would rather be doing, and I’ve been blessed that I’ve been able to be in Nashville, and pursue what I love, and also Branson, to have a place here to perform.” – Christina Interview with Ms. Irene & Kelley K. on KWCL-FM – August […]