New Christina Lingo-Tabuchi Albums for a New Year

Christina is looking to release her duets album early 2013, featuring artists such as Jason Yeager, Tony Turner, Tim Gregg and many more. “The Duets” showcases the different sides of Christina. With so many different talents on “The Duets,” Christina is able to explore different ranges with her voice and gets a chance to throw her passion into each song.

Along with “The Duets” album, Christina has been working on her acoustic album. Christina wants this album to be a tribute to her brother, Jason, who passed away when she was 16. Every show, Christina performs a tribute song to those in the audience who have lost a loved one. Christina hopes that the acoustic album is a reflection of those times of remembrance and love for anyone who has ever lost someone. Christina is hoping that the acoustic album is released sometime in the Spring of  2013.

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