The Shoji Tabuchi Show Welcomes New Members.

Along with many new segments within the show, The Shoji Tabuchi Show also has three new featured artists to add to the show line up. Allie Hutsell is coming back to the Shoji Tabuchi Show and the cast couldn’t be more excited to have her powerful voice on the stage again. Allie was one of the first original members of the Shoji Tabuchi Show and has been entertaining as a solo artist until now. Another entertainer to join the show is Sharlyn Smith; a talented mandolin player and entertainer who brings a new feel to the show. The third addition to the show is Jonny Laughlin, another talented and important featured artist added to the Shoji Tabuchi Show. Christina says, “The time, effort and sweat, not only in learning the show, but also making it the best we can. We want anyone who can come see it, to do so.”

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