A Great Start To The Fall Season

The Shoji Tabuchi Show went on tour this August traveling to Florida, South Carolina, and Illinois, performing in each state. Christina was with the tour and enjoyed every minute of the opportunity to bring of The Shoji Tabuchi show to new audiences. Not only did they spread the experience, they got to bring the show to fans that might not get the opportunity to come see the it here in Branson.

“It’s great to get out there, tour, and travel but it’s also nice when you get home and get to perform in your own theater.”

Monday night, September 9, was the opening of the fall run of The Shoji Tabuchi Show. The cast performed to an energetic and enthusiastic crowd. The theatre was full of energy as the cast gave a fantastic performance to kick off the fall. All their hard work throughout the year has paid off.

The normal show runs until Wednesday, October 23, when the production shifts gears and starts up the The Shoji Tabuchi Christmas Show, so don’t miss out on either! Christina has been focused on working on new elements to integrate with old classics for this year’s Christmas Show.

Don’t worry everyone, Christina doesn’t plan on missing a single show for the rest of the year!

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