shoji tabuchi show

Duets Album

Because of the focus and prepping for the show, Christina has taken a step back on pushing to complete her “Duets” album. Although close to being finished, Christina wanted to fully dedicate herself to the new show preparation and also wanted to be fully dedicated to her album. Once things fall into a rhythm Christina […]

The Shoji Tabuchi Show Welcomes New Members.

Along with many new segments within the show, The Shoji Tabuchi Show also has three new featured artists to add to the show line up. Allie Hutsell is coming back to the Shoji Tabuchi Show and the cast couldn’t be more excited to have her powerful voice on the stage again. Allie was one of […]

The Start of a Great Season and Year

With the Branson show season getting back into full swing, managing the recording for her “Duets” album along with preparing for its debut, being the co-dance captain and vocal director of the Shoji Tabuchi Show and staying connected with friends and family, it is no wonder that performing is not for the faint of heart. […]

The Shoji Tabuchi Road Show

Starting December, Christina will be traveling with The Shoji Tabuchi Show. For the first time in over 15 years the show is going on the road. Christina feels so privileged to be able to work with her family and is excited to be able to travel with them. Click Here to view details as they […]